Buck Mountain Maple Syrup is known for its exceptional flavor. Some of the reasons for this may be the minerals in our soils, our small batches, and the use of a wood-fired arch to make our syrup.

Winter 2010 Matt and daughter Galadriel take a break in the sugarhouse.

Here are some photos of life on Buck Mountain.


Bruce loads the arch with wood as the syrup boils.

'Grandma' Jean draws-off syrup
that has reached 219 degrees.

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Matt and Gwyneth's family business is located in Northern Vermont. Their maple forest is managed with organic and sustainable practices for future generations.

If you live in our area of Vermont you are welcome to buy syrup directly from us and save on shipping costs, or possibly arrange a syrup drop-off in a near-by area such as Burlington:
 Send us an email for more info.

Buck Mountain Maple
Matt Gedeon
175 Gedeon Rd.
Fairfax, Vermont